Al Rucker

An entrepreneurial powerhouse, Al Rucker is the owner of many successful businesses which include a restaurant, fashion apparel specialty store, and a bail bond company. A self-starter, his most recent business venture is the acquisition of a FM radio station following the creation of the Al Rucker Show, which is now syndicated nationwide.
Rucker is also a noted author that has published a series of self-help workbooks for aspiring entrepreneurs. In addition, Rucker’s philanthropic efforts led him to establish The Al Rucker Foundation which serves to uplift and empower minority youth in the Houston community.

Se7en The Poet

Se7en is a multifaceted person. Renowned Poet, Author and Motivational speaker, Se7en the Poet is progressing mind frames in a style and flare that is all his own. He is the co-host of the “Al Rucker Show” and brings the comedy each episode.

La Shay Evonne

La Shay Evonne, a multitalented success story all on her own, is an actress, poet, radio personality, playwright, and entrepreneur. Through her love of the arts, she has successfully enjoyed an exciting career in modeling, writing and producing, and mastering leading roles in theatrical performances. Taking her talents to the big screen, La Shay Evonne has landed major roles in film and still enjoys writing and performing spoken word.

DJ Tay Powers

Tay Powers hails from Houston and is a graduate of the NYU Clive Davis Institute. Tay is a well sought-out musician, producer, and recording engineer whose experience has led her to work with some of the industry’s chart-topping artists in Pop, Hip Hop and R&B. Her personal motto, “Love powers all,” is a movement she lives by, hoping to inspire the feelings of great vibes and good company in every venue she steps into.

The Chop Shop

Robert Hatter and Jim Hicks’ “The Chop Shop” is one of the more popular urban sports talk shows in the nation. Providing unique insight to both amateur and pro sports, Hatter and Hicks give listeners “The Best 120 Minutes of Your Day!” And ladies, don’t forget to tune in for “Women Rock Wednesdays”!

Listen to “Radio’s Next Best Thing” with host Al Rucker and co-hosts Seven the Poet, Comedian Keisha Hunt, and Dj Tay Powers from 2pm to 6pm. The Al Rucker Show brings the latest in urban adult contemporary music, entertainment and trending news. Listener favorites include: Ask Al, Ass of the Week, and On the Stage with Comedian Keisha Hunt.

The Deric Muhhamad Show